Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Our fees are laid out on the respective tabs “I know which car I want" and “I don't know which car I want”. More importantly - unlike some other car sourcing companies we do not ratchet up our fees depending on the cost of the vehicle you purchase. This gives you further confidence in us to find the right vehicle for you rather than the most expensive.
We offer a truly personal car shopping experience; think of us as your personal car shopper of the family car sector. We want to be the ‘go to’ guys for families who don’t have time to go looking for their next car. Essentially we sell our time so you don’t have to sell yours.
Yes, we will save you money by negotiating the best price with dealers meaning you don’t have to enter a dealership or have that awkward telephone conversation.
Whether you are expecting your first child or need a larger car due to an ever expanding family, we will be able to give you the best advice on which car is right for you. You may also now require a smaller car if your children have left home for example – we can help here too. Put simply – do you have the time and inclination to go searching for the right car? Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to,
The majority of our cars are sourced from authorised dealers, this gives you the client piece of mind that you are buying a car from a recognised and reputable source. Buying a car from a dealer is less risky than purchasing the car any other way as you will have more consumer rights should the car show any serious faults later.
Our aim is to have your new car with you within 2 weeks of your agreement on which car you want us to source. Sometimes the process might take a little longer but it can also be shorter depending on the car you choose and its availability in the market.
By the time you have agreed on which car you want us to source we will have specific details and will follow these to the letter to ensure that we only come back to you with exactly what you want.
We will typically present you with 3 options of your chosen car and whilst these will all have your ‘must haves’ included they may vary slightly in the other options they offer meaning that you are able to make an informed decision on which car is right for you.
No, we manage the purchase process for you but you will pay the dealer direct,this provides greater transparency for you, the client and means that we can keep our fees low without the need to have car storage and the associated costs that would incur.
Yes, whilst we are unable to offer direct finance we are able to discuss the various options available to you at the time of purchase so that you are able to finance your car the most efficient way possible.
Yes, we can help ensure you get the most competitive price for your car on part-exchange or advise you with regards to the selling of your car privately. For a further fee we are able to sell your car privately for you, further discussions would take place should this be an option.
Yes, if the car you buy is still within the manufacturer's warranty period it will have the balance of the warranty remaining – if the manufacturer's warranty has expired the dealer will typically sell the car with a 1 year warranty which gives you added peace of mind when enjoying your new car.
Yes, all cars of three years old or more that we source will have an up to date recent MOT, (for any car under three years old an MOT is not necessary).
Yes, all the cars we source will have a full and up to date service history giving you peace of mind that the vehicle you purchase has been well maintained.
Yes, you will need to arrange insurance yourself – however, we are able to suggest to you which companies offer the best packages for your particular circumstances at the time of your purchase.
There are a few options here: 1) You can collect your car from the dealership. 2) We can collect the car for you and deliver it to you at a time that is convenient for you. 3) We can have the car trailered to you. Please be advised that additional expenses may be incurred when choosing options 2&3 however we will discuss these prior to your agreeing which option works best for you. All costs will be clearly presented to you before any agreement is made so that you are able to make the decision that is right for you.
In the unlikely event that this were to occur, the manufacturer's warranty remaining on the car or the warranty you receive from the dealer would cover all the usual claims.
Upon delivery of the car we will invoice you the fees and any additional expenses which will be agreed beforehand and charged at cost.
There may be additional expenses incurred over and above our fees (mainly surrounding delivery) but all the options will be explained to you in advance, charged at cost and you will have agreed to them before delivery.

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